100% Silicone Orthodontic Soother

The soft and flexible silicone teat adapts perfectly to the palate of the baby. The silicone is soft on baby’s face and the orthodontic nipple is shaped to better fit baby's mouth to promote healthy oral development and teeth alignment by exercising baby's tongue, palate and jaw.

Comfort & Durability

The FLAMBINO 100% Silicone Orthodontic Soothers are made with a one piece construction and all silicone to ensure the baby does not feel uncomfortable.

  • One Piece Construction

    All one piece. No plastic, no bother. Strong silicone construction for comfort and durability.

  • Air Circulation

    Three vent holes for better air circulation to help prevent skin or lip irritation.

  • Heart-Shaped Shield

    Prevents irritation and fits well under the baby’s nose for easy, smooth breathing.

  • Safe and BPA Free

    Does not contain any harmful chemicals or materials. Completely safe for your baby.

  • Easy Care & Cleanup

    Keeping the Soother clean is easy. Simply put them in your steriliser or submerge in boiling water.

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Is it BPA free?

All our silicone moulded pacifiers are BPA free and 100% safe for your baby.

How do I clean the soother?

Simply put them in your steriliser or submerge in boiling water.

Can I return the product?

Product can not be returned if opened. If the package is unopened then you have 14 days from receipt to return.

Can you attach a strap to the soother?

Yes. Where you hold it to put it in the child’s mouth there is a hole. 


The inspiration behind FLAMBINO is without doubt my “boys”.

Having moved to the UK from Spain during my second pregnancy I immediately recognised a shortage of baby products available particularly two vital items, dummies and feeding bottles.

This ignited the idea which has culminated in the distribution of FLAMBINO products.